Recruitment Hack – Recruitment is a Marketing problem not HR’s

Jul 18

Why is Recruitment not an HR problem but a Marketing one?

We were talking to an entrepreneur recently who runs a business worth close to a million dollars. We asked him what his top challenge was. He said that his biggest challenge was that he wasn’t able to attract the kind of talent he wanted.

As the discussion went on, we realized that the mistake he and other entrepreneurs at his stage were making. Which was that they perceived hiring to be an HR (Human Resources) issue. We say that hiring isn’t an HR issue but a marketing issue. We need to understand that employees are customers too.

We must define: 1) The employee that we want. 2) The channel we need to use to reach out to them and 3) The content or reason that would make them want to engage with us. A suggestion that we give to every entrepreneur in our program is that once in every 90 days they look at the most important role/job that needs to be taken. We then tell them that the recruitment process for that role/job should be handled by them and everything else, can be handled by HR. We call this ‘Concierge Recruiting.’

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