Entrepreneurs! Are you being busy or being Productive?

Jun 19

Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Has this thought been in your head recently? – “I’m SO exhausted. I’ve got so much to do.” If so, we want to tell you that people don’t get tired because of hard work; they get tired because they’re not doing what energises them and they’re not seeing progress.

One of the exercises we recommend doing is defining your top three income generating activities that you enjoy. What about us? We love leading sessions, creating content for entrepreneurs and hacking with them. The more we do these during work, the more energised we are, the more useful we are, the more opportunities come our way.

Productivity hack for Entrepreneurs

Which category do you fall in? -The Busy Entrepreneur or the Productive one

Now you may be wondering about what you can do about the other things you need to do that you don’t necessarily enjoy as much. Well, the short answer is that somebody else needs to do it. As long as you are getting better and better at the things you enjoy you can use the money you’re earning from doing it well to hire people, automate, outsource and eliminate.

So your goal is to turn your business into a stage upon which to perform rather than a place to go to fight hard and to ‘make stuff happen’. That’s the key idea here.

So, what are your three favourite income generating activities?

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