3 Hacks to Increase Frequency with your customer purchase!

Apr 26

Profits hack # 3 – Increase your Frequency.

Sales frequency is actually one of the most ignored one’s, how often do customers come back to you, very often there is one transaction and if you’re lucky you get another one, It’s mostly happens by accident and not by design. You are leaving a lot of money on the table if that’s what’s happening in your business.

So, the first hack is to ask the question what is the recurring need my customer has,

if there is a recurring need you can provide a recurring solution which means the most important thing in business is recurring revenue, that’s right there is an entire strategy with recurring, but we want to leave you with that.

Secondly, create a road map based on customer barriers

sometime you’re in a business where once you provide a solution they won’t come back for the same. In such cases, you’ve got to think about it differently, where the customer is now and where they want to be. What would they wish for and what are the barriers that would get in the way and turn those barriers into solutions and sell them as a road map, obviously with the desire to serve and help them get the biggest aspiration they have.

Last one, use assessment and pre scheduled meeting

Assessment will allow you to reactivate the conversation, send them a report and use it to have a conversation back to the roadmap. We did this with our corporate work a lot. Lot of competitors would send somebody else for the review but in our case Selvi and I would personally go and lead, because personal meeting gives us a chance to connect the needs of the clients to the solution, use your reviews strategically.

Preschedule the next, the best time to schedule the next meet is the end of this meeting ex; doctors, dentist do it, you should do it too!

So, with this you should be able to increase a minimum of 15% increase in Frequency.

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