Hacker School

Hacker School

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Real Fun

If you are a college student and you are wondering about

    • What is the point of so many theoretical subjects?
    • What does it mean to learn practical skills?
    • What's it like to work with a real company, team or social venture?
    • What am I passionate about? How do I start exploring this question without getting overwhelmed? 

You've come to the right place.

The Hacker School

The Hacker School is a student initiative, envisioned by Business Sherpa, to focus on three key interventions:
Hacking Your Learning | Hacking Your Passion | Hacking Your Career.

Our program focused on key skills for the 21st century: innovation, marketing and leadership. The best part we learn by doing. This means you get to discover what you are good at and enjoy doing not by guess by while working on real projects. The Hacker school is the latest project of Business Sherpa

Business Sherpa is a Business Accelerator working with businesses and social enterprises helping them grow and accelerate. We've generated over $30 Million in client results and they, with us, are ready to challenge the old approach to career creation.


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