Entrepreneurship in the face of loneliness!

Jun 20

Rich and Wealthy. What’s the Difference?

An entrepreneur from a startup told that he was going through a tough patch and that he couldn’t talk to his wife about it because he didn’t want to worry her. He also couldn’t talk to his employees or his investors as that would be unprofessional. “Who do I talk to?” he asked.

This is an interesting question because it helps you to realise that though we may be surrounded with people we can still be lonely. If you find yourself in this type of situation try to get in touch with friends from college, school or previous jobs that you can talk to. Trusted confidantes. You could also reach out to a community you’re part of. It could be of various types. Perhaps a religious or a social one? Try to connect with other people who are part of them.

A third option is that you could come hang out with us if you’re interested. We hold mastermind sessions! Anyway, the idea we’re trying to put across here is very simple. It isn’t enough just to create wealth. You should enjoy it while connecting with people. Plenty of studies conducted in the past show that deep rich relationships are a key ingredient to the healthy experience of wealth. Money on its own isn’t enough.

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