Facilitate Growth in Areas Outside of Your Business

Jul 09

Why Entrepreneurs need to facilitate Growth in Areas Outside of Your Business to see an improvement in their business growth

This article regards an entrepreneur’s issue that grew from a situation in which the problem wasn’t to do with growth but with the personal life. This entrepreneur’s struggled to make time for himself and his family. This was a psychologically loaded issue and he was definitely a high achiever.

Our suggestion to him required to ‘retire a little’. That’s what we suggest to you as well. What we mean by that, is that you need to set time aside for yourself. We typically take 10 days off for every 90 regular days. We schedule them well in advance, informing our partners, employees and other people who depend on us, of them.

This is an idea that we introduce to all of our entrepreneurs. The reason we need to take this measure is that entrepreneurs don’t get breaks unless they make them. We work hard and one day we will retire. However, most of us love our work too much to ever fully retire. We as founders of Business Sherpa love to travel.


That’s how we often spend our days off. You don’t have to, though. You can choose to do something you truly enjoy and you don’t have to start with 10 days either. You can start with as small as half a day.

The key idea we’re putting across here is that, as an entrepreneur, you can’t wait for somebody’s permission or instructions to spend your time and wealth the way you want to, outside of work. You have to take the initiative and do that yourself. Therefore, our request to you is that go ahead and spend your time and wealth the way you want to, guilt-free. Retire a little.

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