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If this is your first business venture and you are looking to accelerate growth you’ve come to right place 🙂

Growing up, I used to hang out at my father's office – I did small tasks, watched what he did, listened to various people and by the time I was 18 I was itching to start something and travel on my own. So much so I told my dad that I was not going to college!

But my grandparents were horrified and better sense prevailed. I joined St.Stephen College Delhi, that was a long while ago. Fast forward to today, my wife and partner in crime Selvi and I have worked with over 17,000 people and  created several million $ in client projects. I've co-authored a book with my dad and mentor Bert Cherian - "Great Work Hack" a quick read focused on the question how can I do great work today?

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120 Projects
10 Industries
$30 Million

...and counting!

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