3 Ways to Increase your Lead generation more than once

Apr 25

Profits Hack # 1 – Increase your lead generation

We are aiming to increase your leads just by 15%, keeping our double profits goal in mind. In this mail our focus is to help you learn and execute three simple tactics to increase leads.

First of all, Personal Leads…
Reactivate past and known connections I remember sometime back we talked to a Chartered Accountant, He said that “I have only 2 leads”. One of the exercise we ran him through which you can do it for your business, list out

  • Who are all the past clients that you’ve worked with, amongst them who are all that have not become a client but they have shown some interest.
  • What are all the business cards that I have collected

You may want to capture all of them and make a list and try to reach out to them. In this case, when we sat down and built the list for the CA, it was over 50 leads

Secondly, Partnerships

Look at where all your clients go before and after coming to you, complementary businesses, associations, forums, programs and publications that they are listening to or a part of, how could you engage with them?

The very least you can do is to volunteer, you may want to be a part of their programs and what even better is to speak and do a demo or be a part of some program where they have set up for your partners/client you want to partner or get on board.

Third one, Building referrals into your offering

Very often we recommend to clients, especially if they are struggling to pay the price we quote, we suggest that they pay part of our fee in referral component where they will refer us to their clients/partners after 30 days or 45days or whatever that is a minimum time that they require to see the value in working with us.

What it does is WIN-WIN, helps us convert a customer, get more leads. Especially, in the early days this is an important thing to try.

Summary –  3 hacks to grow your leads

  • Reactivate past clients
  • Hubs and association
  • Build in referral into your offer

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